Edwards Legal

This client had a tight budget but required complex functionality. We worked closely with them and were able to create a website with a full feature-set and still comfortably meet their budget.

They requested a professional-looking design which we achieved with appropriate choices of typeface and a slate and grey colour scheme. We also produced a logo designed to their specifications.

Edwards Legal is primarily a job listings website and all jobs must be searchable by one or more of various criteria. We designed a Content Management System (CMS) which included a search engine and the ability to attach other metadata to job openings which would then be displayed elegantly on results and listings pages. The CMS we integrated automatically adds listings and their details to the database in real time.

As part of the project, we created a heavily-customised administration back-end that made it quick and seamless for the client to update the website themselves. They have the full ability to remotely add and remove job listings from any internet-connected computer using a WYSIWYG text-editor in a web-based client.